Cloud PBX

Everything About Cloud PBX

Are you currently looking to buy an excellent internet-based phone system? Then you must have heard about Cloud PBX. If you have no previous information about VoIP Technology, then it is likely that you would not understand this term. It is usual for newbies not to follow these terms which are used.

The internet is usually packed with a lot of complicated definitions which make it even much more confusing. We, however, want you to understand the things you need to know, and that is why we have done the research for you to make things simpler. We will explain everything you need to know about Cloud PBX.

What is Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX means in simple terms, one part cloud computing, together with one-part PBX. The Cloud system allows you to store and receive data through the internet, instead of the regular computer hard drive or other external devices. What the PBX represents is Public Branch Exchange.

PBX technology is what allows it to be possible for telephone providers to have access to route calls. By putting the two components together, you will be able to recognise why Cloud PBX is an internet phone system. It is also known as the internet-based phone system or VoIP phone system.

Cloud Communication

On-Site vs the Cloud

PBX was designed to run on-site, which means that the technology required a large amount of hardware and financial investment to manage the phone system. The phone system was termed to be expensive because it would cost the company up to $5000 to be able to keep operating the system.

The Cloud system, when introduced, brought down this expense significantly. By using a Cloud PBX, the user can choose a provider who will be responsible for hosting the phone system on their behalf in a virtual location. This means that the provider manages the entire system, leaving no maintenance fees to be paid.

Cloud-Based Phone System

Cloud technology makes it very easy for you to scale and expand your phone system. You won’t have any need for any additional hardware or technology for new staff. All that will be required of you is to contact your provider and instruct them to include a new person in your account.

The Cloud PBX system will give you access to many options including the calling features which is part of your on-site system. Other features which you will be using are the call recording, Time of Day Routing and IVR/Auto Attendant amongst many others. Most of these features will be seen on your dashboard from your service provider.

Apart from the less expensive maintenance costs, most businesses prefer to use a Cloud-Based phone system because you have easy access to it and it is very flexible. The system is available on the internet. You can use it anywhere you have access to the internet. The system is also suitable for businesses which have remote employees.

Cloud PBX can be used by any business whether small or large scale. If you are considering signing up for a Cloud PBX phone system, you should know that many solutions providers offer this technology. You can do a little research to find the best provider who will meet your needs.